RYSE HOTEL : Autograph Collection

Visual Identity
Wayfinding Design

Located at the heart of the Hongdae district in Seoul, South Korea, it was indeed impossible for us to ignore the creative energy and activity that surrounded the hotel. Home to the indie music scene, wild nightlife and prestigious Hongik University, the life of the neighborhood strongly inspired our concept for RYSE. This is embedded into every corner of the hotel – from the bold, open lower levels to the intriguing artist suites and sophisticated rooftop lounge.


The visual language

As a hotel located in Hongdae – caught between underground clubs and the art university – music and contemporary art is where the brand is trying to integrated.
More than just a hotel, RYSE was designed and established as a cultural brand. A symbol “Y” was created to hold different textures which present various layers of the culture in Hongdae, making the brand as the active participant of the neighbourhood. The communication colourways inspired by Risograph printing, and various texture can be used to interpret unique attitude.

A complete brand experience

To extend the visual language into the hotel experience, directory sign was hand-painted on every floors in the hotel, with plaster-mixed paint, in the form of different symbols with radical strokes.
The hotel collaterals and staff uniform were also branded in the same style, to offer a complete visual identity to the guests’ journey.


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